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Innovative and smart machine that accepts empty plastic bottles* and rewards the consumers with an incentive that can be redeemed at selected Keells outlets.

*Conditions apply:  Machine operation between 9.30 am and 9.30 pm only (Raththanapitiya Keells between 11.30 am and 9.30 pm only)

Trash 2 Cash: Projects

How it works

Step 1

Press 'Start' 

Step 2

Slowly Insert one bottle at a time, barcode faced up

Step 3

Enter phone number and receive SMS

Step 4

Redeem at the cashier

Trash 2 Cash: List

What happens Next to the plastic bottles?

The bottles collected through Trash2Cash will be processed by the company Eco Spindles into other products such as polyester fabric yarn or fibers for household products

Trash 2 Cash: Text


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