Trash 2 Cash

Innovative and smart machine that accepts empty plastic bottles* and rewards the consumers with an incentive that can be redeemed at Keells Union Place

*Conditions apply: 30 bottles per person per month and 10 bottles per person per day. For home used plastic bottles only, not for bottles generated through commercial use. Machine operation between 8.30 am and 8.30 pm only.


How it works

Step 1

Enter mobile number

Step 2

Insert bottles one by one with the barcode (if available) facing up

Step 3

Finish the session and receive a SMS with session details

Step 4

At Keells Union Place checkout, redeem your credit against the bill


What happens Next to the plastic bottles?

The bottles collected through Trash2Cash will be processed by the company Eco Spindles into other products such as polyester fabric yarn or fibers for household products



Should I take the bottle caps off before inserting into machine?

No. The machine will accept the bottle with or without the caps. Having caps on is better as it will prevent spillage inside the machine

Is there a limit to the number of bottles I can recycle?

Yes. 30 bottles per person per month and 10 bottles per person per day. This is to ensure we change recycling behaviors of as many consumers as possible.

How much credit do I earn by using ‘Trash 2 Cash’?

For every plastic bottle you will earn Rs. 1. If the bottle has a barcode and you enter the bottle with barcode facing the scanner and hear the beep, you will earn an additional Rs. 1 making it a total of Rs. 2 per bottle

How and where do I redeem my credit?

At Keells Union place cashier. After shopping in store, and at the cashier, inform him/her that you would like to redeem your Trash2Cash credit. You will then need to give out the same mobile number you used at the machine

How long is the credit valid for?

All credit accumulated during the month has to be used within the same month. All unused credit will expire 1st of every month

Is it only for Nexus members?

No, you don’t have to be a Nexus member to use the machine. A valid mobile number is all you need to use the machine.


What bottles does it accept?

Home used plastic bottles only. Any empty plastic bottle between 100 ml and 2 L in capacity. These can be bottles that contained water, fizzy drinks, juice, milk, drinking yogurt, personal care products (Ex. shampoo, conditioner), cooking sauces, home care products (Ex. liquid detergent, cleaners)

Should the bottles be cleaned before entering into machine?

Yes. Bottles should be rinsed at home and brought back before putting into machine. There should be no spillage in the machine

Does the machine accept crushed bottles?

No. The bottle should have its shape when entering into machine. A few dents here and there is fine